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  • ret***@ymail.com posted at 11/23/2019
    Decided to make my birthday party at "I like sushi" hoping to get a birthday discount at the end of the night, but I ended up paying $300. Why most Regina's restaurants offer amazing  birthday discounts but not specifically this one. This is super disappoiting especially when its special day like birthday. 
  • rik****@gmail.com posted at 4/7/2019
    Worst service I have ever had in a sushi  restaurant  I only recieved half of what I ordered  waited  45 minutes  got  one part of rest of order  than nothing  I have eaten at some great sushi in north America and in Japan truly a disappoint still got charged full price  will not return or recommend  this place .
  • maein******@yahoo.com.ph posted at 1/5/2019
    How much is your buffet price per person during night time and for an 8 year old child. Thank you
  • eg***@gmx.com posted at 12/29/2018
    website should have prices and any special deals.
  • eg***@gmx.com posted at 12/29/2018
    website should have prices and any special deals.
  • sabrina*******@hotmail.com posted at 10/2/2018
    just ordered my first meal from here with a co worker.  I got wonton soup and pork dumplings.  neither one of these are worth ever eating again.  the dumplings tasted like a soggy noodle stuffed with  canned ham and the wonton is the exact same taste the broth was very bland.  needs work.  Someone from there should eat this food before they think about over charging for it $28.00 down the toilet
  • Scot****@gmail.com posted at 8/1/2018
    I thought you would like to know, it looks like you've misspelled the word "seperate" on your website.  Silly mistakes can ruin your site's credibility.  In the past I've used a tool like SpellingScan.com to keep mistakes off my website.
    -Scott Matthews Sr.
  • holist******@gmail.com posted at 7/6/2018
    I just ordered food through SkipTheDishes.. Everything I ordered is undercooked. The tempura shrimp has undercooked batter and the yams in the sweet yam rolls are raw. Very disappointed! 
  • br***@bckr.ca posted at 5/18/2018
    I recently ate there and was very disappointed that when I went to pay you charged me $4 for my 13 month old daughter.  Let's just say I hope you're happy you got that extra $4 for a few spoons of rice and some pieces of chicken because you'll never have me as a customer in the future.
  • Christine*********@gmail.com posted at 3/29/2018
    Good evening,
    I just ate here and paid almost $60.00 for two people. We ordered 3 rolls and 5 seperate pieces of sushi. We only at the 5 pieces we ordered, 2 wonton soups (unfinished) and 8 dumplings which were hard. When we took a bite of 2 of the 3 rolls we were digusted. The salmon had bones and the other roll tasted like it had sat there all day. Im very disapointed that we only recived 10% off. The 1 roll, soup and dumplings was NOT worth $60.00 please email me back as i am very upset with how this was handled. 
  • ns**@163.com posted at 1/11/2018
    We want to organize a buffet supper , 10+ people to attend . Please advise how much is for this group order ? thanks !
  • sutherl********@southcountry.ca posted at 12/12/2017
    I brag up your wings everyday to everyone and tonight my wings we so uncooked and non crispy, they were disgusting ... do not take them out too early from the fryer....  yuck!!!!
  • ka**@gmail.com posted at 6/25/2016
    buffet! Crab leg, fish, Lobster, Shrimp! Soooooooo delicious! And the sushi, you can order from the menu,  soooooo yum...........! We do Love the place! We will come back
  • jo**@hotmail.com posted at 6/25/2016
    Everything is great. Full Chinese food buffet and Japanese food menu, reasonable price. Definitely be back.
  • he***@hotmail.com posted at 6/25/2016
    Love it! They just updated their all-u-can-eat menu, which has a whole bunch of new and tasty sushi and maki rolls. Variety of Chinese food on the buffet. Very good service as they alway did. Will be back for sure.
  • ma**@gmail.com posted at 6/18/2016
    Japanese food menu, reasonable price. Definitely be back.
  • olena******@gmail.com posted at 4/24/2016
    Wisited this restaurant today and left with very mixed feelings! The food was great but the service was very poor! Got overcharged around $20 dollars! Came back, asked to do the refund, However the manager was very rude, never apologized and said that she doesn't know the pin code to do the refund! Terrible service!!!!
  • lailas******@rocketmail.com posted at 3/8/2016
    Train your staff for a better customer service.The lady manager is rude.Staff never smile,specially the manager???She does'nt know how to apologized!She is not fit for the job!
  • kim.w******@sasktel.net posted at 11/9/2015
    Hi,It appears that your coupon offer is not working properly when you go to print it.Thanks,Kim
  • kevin*****@friendlyacres.sk.ca posted at 11/7/2015
    What are your Remembrance Day hours?